6 Good Reasons to Use Epoxy Floor Coating on Your Concrete

concrete floor

Whether a homeowner or a business owner, adding concrete flooring to your property can be a worthwhile investment. This material is best known for its superior durability and high resistance to the elements and foot traffic. It’s also low-maintenance but attractive and easy to clean. 

Although it may be a strong choice for your property, it’s not indestructible, as its daily exposure will eventually cause unsightly and hazardous cracks and stains. Therefore, you should let reputable epoxy coating services apply this material to your flooring. This two-part liquid adhesive is a cost-effective alternative to mortar for brickwork, creating a seamless appearance and acting as a water barrier. 

If you’re ready to enjoy a longer-lasting and more attractive home or business, this article will explain why you should use epoxy floor coating on your concrete. 

1. Protect the Concrete from Cracks and Stains

No property owner wants to see cracks and stains on their concrete flooring. Unfortunately, that happens due to its exposure to heavy foot traffic, equipment, and the elements. Besides being unsightly, these flaws can weaken a building’s structure. You can avoid these costly consequences by letting epoxy services apply the coating to your floor. 

Epoxy is a waterproof adhesive that professionals can apply over existing coatings for added durability. However, remember it doesn’t provide ultraviolet (UV) protection or soundproofing properties.

2. Enjoy Superior Durability 

Everyone wants to enjoy a durable and attractive home or business, as it’s a worthwhile investment and can positively affect property value. You can enjoy that benefit by calling epoxy services to coat your concrete floor. 

Unlike other types of glue, sealant, paint, or coat, epoxy can withstand abuse and chemical degradation, protecting surfaces from water, sea salts, and other corrosives. It can also resist chipping, cracking, corrosion, and extreme heat.

3. Help Concrete Last Longer

Concrete is a construction material best known for its superior durability to withstand harsh elements. However, it will eventually break down due to constant exposure, especially if you neglect regular maintenance. On the other hand, you can make it last longer by applying epoxy floor coating. 

Epoxy is a good coating option for protecting concrete from damage caused by acid rain, ozone, and sealing cracks. You can also polish or stain your concrete floor for protection and decoration. Although you can use acrylic or oil-based paint for safety, they’re costlier and may emit harmful fumes. 

4. Eliminate Worries of Concrete Repairs 

Nobody wants to fix their concrete floors because it can be costly and time-consuming, especially if they’re a busy property owner. You can avoid worrying about regular repairs by letting professional services apply an epoxy coating.

This solid option bonds and protects items against corrosion and deterioration in extreme weather conditions. It then creates a barrier that protects concrete from acid rain and ozone and seals cracks to prevent them from getting more significant.

5. Ensure High Resistance to Chemicals 

Although concrete can withstand chemicals, remember that constant exposure can deteriorate it and cause unsightly stains. Fortunately, you can make it highly resistant to chemicals by letting professional services apply an epoxy coating to your flooring. 

Epoxies are strong adhesives resistant to moisture, oxygen, high temperatures, and UV rays. Contractors typically use them in marine and motorsports applications. They’re also safe for use around food and don’t emit toxic fumes.

6. Ideal for Any Concrete Surface

You can use epoxy on any concrete surface, and it comes in a resin or high-solid material with a hardener. Choose the type based on your project needs. High-solid is thicker and longer-lasting, while wax is thinner and dries faster. Also, you can use epoxy to encase plant stakes for a rust-resistant appearance.


Concrete is an excellent and durable flooring material, but its constant exposure to the elements can weaken it and cause unsightly damage. Investing in professional epoxy coating services can make it last longer and more attractive. 

If your home or business needs professional epoxy coating services in Surrey, contact the Coating Titan! We pride ourselves in helping property owners enjoy a longer-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing floor. Call us now because we’re ready to help!

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